Rimless plate with floral pattern

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Rimless plate with floral pattern

Rimless plate with floral pattern ;;30;;; - BLACK & WHITE * Click on image to enlarge.

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Categories: PLATE
Product Code: XA 41
Artist: Adnan Ergüler
Size: Width - 30 cm
This rare piece will bring a sophisticated look to your interior. It is suitable for both modern and traditional aesthetics with its black & white sty
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In the history of Iznik pottery there is a tiny group of black-painted wares such as this piece. This rimless plate is expertly designed and crafted in high quality ceramic by the artist Adnan Ergüler. It presents a combination of traditional flowers of Iznik wares; Middle Asia based motif Hatayi flowers, carnation flower as a symbol of both love and distinction, hyacinth which represents constancy in Turkish traditional designs, freesia branches, wild Saz leaves and the most popular motif of Iznik wares, admirable tulips. This skillful interplay of intertwined flowers is framed with two single black rims.

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