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Panel with sea miniature

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Product Code: XA 189
Size: Length - 25 cm
Width - 50 cm
This decorative panel is a worthy piece to add romantic fascination from Istanbul to your home. This famous silhouette of Bosphorus will represent you
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This artwork presents a scene from the coast of Salacak neighborhood in Üsküdar district, at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus. The panel was made up with two figurative tiles from quartz silica ceramic. The main focus of the panel is the Maiden’s Tower, which is dating back to the 5th century BC. The name of the tower comes from a legend: the Byzantine emperor heard a prophecy telling him that his beloved daughter would die at the age of 18 by a snake. So he decided to put her in this tower built on a rock on the Bosphorus isolated from the land thus no snake could kill her. But she couldn't escape from her destiny after all, a snake hidden in a fruit basket brought from the city bit the princess and killed her.
The focus figurine, Maiden’s Tower, was painted by the artist adhering to the original architecture and colors. The background of the panel is covered with deep and soft blue wave patterns. The tower is the center for the black spiral which holds various sizes of ships. They were a popular motif in the decoration of Turkish ceramics made in Iznik. As auxiliary decorations, the ships are seen on move with their open sails. And the spiral drawings also give the effect of motion. The yard on the bottom left corner of the panel and the ground of the Tower reserve grapes in red and blue color. 

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