Handcrafted Light Blue Raku Horse

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Handcrafted Light Blue Raku Horse

Handcrafted Light Blue Raku Horse  Horse Figurine;16;17;;; - FIGURE & FIGURINE * Click on image to enlarge.

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Product Code: SK 101
Artist: Saliha Kartal
Size: Horse Figurine Length - 16 cm
Horse Figurine Width - 17 cm

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This decorative horse figurine, made using the raku technique, has a blue body and golden brown mane and feet. The cracked glazed surface gives this piece an antique look. 
The horse signifies mobility, stamina, strength and power. TThe stand of this figurine is so graceful that it corresponds to another meaning of the horse symbol, which is a sign of mutual respect. Horses are so revered by some ancient tribes that it also represented loyalty, love and devotion. The soft curves of this particular piece includes these descriptions.
This unique home decor item is signed by its creator, Saliha Kartal.

As a home entrance accessory, it is an elegant choice.  It is also a good choice to locate this piece in a room you share with your family and friends. Moreover, it can be a meaningful office décor gift because horse statue represents power. 

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