Hand Decorated Pigeon / Dove

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Hand Decorated Pigeon / Dove

Hand Decorated Pigeon / Dove  ;13;18;;; - ARTIST Günhan Bozkurt * Click on image to enlarge.

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Product Code: XB 201
Artist: Günhan Bozkurt
Size: Length - 13 cm
Width - 18 cm

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This figurine is a contemporary interpretation of a pigeon. Since the ancient times, the pigeon has served men as symbol, sacrifice, source of food and as a messenger, both sacred and secular. Freedom and peace are the legendary meanings of this bird in the Ancient Greek and Roman myths.
The piegon's is decorated with black & white motifs shaped as Rumi, one of the most popular motifs of Islamic art. Black & white curves on the body or head and wings are inspired by clouds. This further complements the fact that the object is a bird. The are elaborate gold brush strokes on the head and neck of the figure. 

You can display this handmade figurine with any colored objects in your home to provide a rich view. With its delicate form and docile look this object will suit modern interiors. It is suitable to use as a paperweight. Additionally, this companionable figurine is a pleasant Turkish gift for your family and friends. 

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