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Günhan Bozkurt

Günhan Bozkurt is one of the most creative ceramic artists in Turkey today. She has graduated from the Pharmacy Faculty of Marmara University. She focused on painting, miniature and ceramics for 15 years in Kutahya, at the workshops of Ahmet Yakupoglu and Ahmet Sahin. For the last 15 years she has been working in her own workshop in İstanbul. Meanwhile in 2007, Bozkurt completed her master of art thesis on the reflections of Sufism and Rumi’s life on ceramic arts.

Günhan Bozkurt, with her pharmacist background, experiments both on the design and structural composition of her pieces. She reflects her former practice in painting and miniature onto her works. She brought new perspectives to the traditional art of ceramics and her works have the flavor of tradition yet they are within the realm of modern arts and crafts.

She was invited to represent Turkish ceramic design at the Turkish booth of Santa Fe Folk Art 2004. Most of Bozkurt’s unique art pieces has been purchased by numerous art collectors in Turkey and abroad. She held three personal exhibitions, and also participated in various collective exhibitions. She lives and continues her work in Istanbul with the desire to create novel pieces of art.


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