Ceramic Kaftan With Pomegranates

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Ceramic Kaftan With Pomegranates

Ceramic Kaftan With Pomegranates  ;19;19;;; - FLORAL * Click on image to enlarge.

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Product Code: TKK 100
Artist: Tevfik Türen Karagözoğlu
Size: Length - 19 cm
Width - 19 cm

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Kaftans are variants of the robe or tunic and have been worn as coats or as overdresses, were worn by the Ottoman sultans during the Ottoman Empire. In this work by Tevfik Karagöz, the kaftan is decorated with pomegranates and leaves. The figure of the pomegranate is an ancient symbol of abundance. The smooth, hard, rosy shell of pome granate, “seedy apple”, crowned by a golden aureole, opens up to reveal blood-red fruit and numerous seeds, the basis for the pomegranate’s mythic dynamism throughout the ancient Mediterranean.
Even if the kaftan and pomegranate are traditional representatives of Turkish customs, the design the artist used on this piece is rather modern. The surface of the body has a rough feeling because its production technique is raku. In the spirit of raku, there is always an element of surprise, exhibited in the grey stony marks on this piece.
The kaftan’s simple form and the primitive pomegranate drawings makes this handmade accent a convenient décor for modern homes table top. It is a good accessory to add a traditional Turkish touch to your home. Because it has fertile pomegranate figures on it, it will be a meaningful housewarming gift. Furthermore, it can be an office décor gift because the kaftan statue relates with state works. 

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